I’m Frank Prese, songwriter and guitar player from Italy.

Born in Arezzo, Italy on July 4, 1996, I grew up breathing blues and rock ‘n’ roll in Val di Chiana, a swampy old land lying in the center of Tuscany, that is my Mississippi bayou.



I spent my childhood surrounded by music and after getting my first electric guitar for my 10th Christmas, I seriously started to play music following the notes of my greatest 60s and 70s idols.


By the time I was 14, I debutted live with my first teenage band, in front of a dozen people, marking the beginning of a long music journey that taught me how to love all kinds of music and experimentations and made me perform tens of concerts all around Central Italy.



In summer 2020, I’ve decided to give birth to my solo career and began to write my debut album in the middle of the crazy covid lockdown.


…The best is yet to come!